Load Board - displays all loads with their current status

  • City Dispatch Board (Planning for City Pickups & Delivery)
  • Long Haul Dispatch Board with options for:
    • In-bound, Out-bound, Lane wise, Available Loads and Booked Loads.
  • Separate Brokerage Load board for 3rd party carriers - showing Load-wise profit
  • Option to have Dispatcher-wise Load Board
  • Sends Dispatch details via mobile phone notifications to drivers
  • Loads needs to be picked or delivered today, in case of any delay can be rescheduled with customers
  • Every load shows loaded miles, drive time required to complete it Integrated with major ELD providers to show hours available to every driver so that dispatch is given to driver having sufficient hours to deliver in time.
  • Email Pick-up/Delivery update status and ETA to Customers
  • Detailed Planner to show how many back – haul loads need to be booked province wise in advance (10 days ahead planning) in order to minimize empty miles and get better price.
  • Email regular customers in advance letting them know the availability of Trucks & Trailers.
  • Not Invoiced Board: As soon as load is delivered moved here for the accounting department.
  • Alerts for PODs not received from Drivers or 3rd party Carriers.
  • Trace Loads - view average lane wise charges (needed to quote for next loads)
  • In-bound, Out-bound, Lane wise, Available Loads and Booked Loads.
  • Capture trip wise every cost like (Tolls, Fuel, City pick up, Delivery Loaded Miles, Empty Miles)

Accounts Receivables

Once the load is delivered and Pods received, customers are invoiced are emailed with all relevant documents attached. Factor Module is also available, as carriers cash their invoices, in this case invoices are sent to these factor companies. Option to enter Initial payment, balance payment, factor charges and cash back. Payment received from customer or factor companies is entered. To generate all pending receivable reports.

Accounts Payable

All Trip expenses are directly imported in the system Are:

  • Tolls From Ambassador Bridge, I-Pass, Easy pass
  • All Fuel card companies fuel is imported (Fleet -1, T-check, EFS, Tch, Esso, Petro Pass, BVD and many more
  • Monthly Fixed unit wise expenses are entered automatically (Needs to enter only once) Like Monthly Insurance, Truck trailer lease payment, Parking charges, Plate charges, office rent .
  • Enter Truck trailer wise repairs and other Office expenses
  • Employees, Drivers Pay is Integrated with Canada Revenue to compute vacation Pay, CPP, EI, Provincial & Federal Tax. For customers based in Quebec -- Qpip
  • Trips settlement with drivers, owner operators is done after, so that expenses belonging to the trucks are allocated accordingly and unit wise profit report, comparison reports generated.

All Accounts Payable, Purchase analysis, GST, HST, PST, QST reports are generated

All Accounts Receivable & Payable is Integrated with Quick Books no need to duplicate the work

Driver, Owner Operators & Carriers Payment Module

Software gives option to pay Company Drivers by Mile, by hour or a percentage of load price. Also have an option to pay extra for the waiting time, lay over charges or extra pick drop pay. Carrier Companies also hire truck owners called owner operators.

Owner operators are paid by Mile, percentage of load price or by fuel cap. (Irrespective of the fluctuation in fuel price or currency exchange) Every Truck expense for owner operators can be defined as belongs to company or owner Operator. Some carrier companies charges only Fuel and Repairs from owner Operators. Trip Settlement is extremely easy, miles are computed from Google, all expenses imported as mentioned above are deducted.

Cost Analysis reports breaks down each expense per mile and Freight charged per mile, profit per mile, loaded miles and paid miles. Similarly Truck unit wise gross profit report. For 3rd party carriers Load wise profit are extremely beneficial for the companies.

Fuel – Tax Module

Software is integrated with ELD – Companies to import unit wise province wise miles in the system.

Option to enter province wise miles/Kilometer from odometer, Or from Pc-Miler, Ran-Mcnally Software.

Fuel imported before is available for this. IFTA rates are imported from the web – site.

Quarterly IFTA Reports, Mileage tax reports for OR, NY, KY provinces are generated.

CSA – Fast Module

Generate reports for all North – bound, South – bound loads, Fast shipments, cancelled loads are generated. Details to see the Pars/Paps used in each load, Trailer seal# in each load needed for the City pat is maintained. These information is kept for last five years on our cloud, as per the government requirement

Safety Module

Every expiry date with regards to Trucks, trailer (oil change, Preventive maintenance), Drivers (Drug – test, visa, and Passport expiry) and 3rd party carriers (Insurance) are saved in the system and the user is prompted 30 days in advance. Alert is also given at the time of dispatch.